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Responsabilidade Social
AÇOFLAN has the commitment to adopt the best practices regarding the Social Responsibility. In this regard, forward its actions in accordance to the following topics:

1. Child Labor
The Company does not use nor supports the use and / or hiring of child labor. Thus, adopts the minimum age for hiring 16 years, as established under the Federal Constitution in force in the country or except in situations of hiring apprentice in accordance with current legislation.

2. Forced labor

The Company does not accept and does not endorse, in any event, the use of forced labor in its activities.

3. Occupational Safety and Health
The Company is committed to provide a suitable environment to the necessary minimum requirements for safety, health and hygiene of their employees. For both, has on its staff people responsible for the coordination of such matters. Provides drinking water, clean toilets and appropriate place for meals, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) conducive to their activities, and take actions aimed at the prevention of occupational accidents and injury to health of its employees.

4. Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
The Company believes that it is free will of each of its employees to union membership. Also, is committed to not exercise any discrimination as union representatives, not promoting any impediments to access of these representatives to any of its employees. The Company accepts union participation in collective bargaining with the representative bodies in its class.

5. Discrimination
The Company does not use and does not endorse, in any way, any kind of discrimination on age, race, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or political affiliation . Also, do not interfere with the right of its employees on these issues. The Company is adamantly opposed to any type of behavior that is sexually coercive, threatening, abusive or exploratory, including gestures, language and physical contact.

6. Disciplinary practices
The Company does not use and does not endorse, in any event the adoption of disciplinary practices that include corporal punishment, mental or verbal abuse towards their employees.

7. Office hours
The regular workday is limited to 44 hours per week or less, according to the collective bargaining agreement. No need for overtime, they become voluntary, except as provided for in the collective agreement. The Company does not allow the employee to perform work at home and provides at least one day of rest per week to its employees.

8. Remuneration
The Company ensures that the wages paid are not less than that set in the laws, conventions or collective agreement in its class. The political composition of salary and benefits is clearly defined for all employees , plus be disclosed and properly informed choice when hiring new employees . The formalization of labor contracts which do not ensure labor rights established by law in the country is not allowed.

9. Management System
The Company is responsible for any misconduct that could jeopardize their suitability and / or compliance.

The Company also undertakes to take all reasonable and necessary for the implementation and smooth operation of this undertaking actions.